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Today we’re putting the spotlight on HOMEX, an LA based startup that happens to be one of Synergistic Investments’ most successful clients. Earlier this year, HOMEX secured a lucrative sales partnership with World Global Network, the company behind a highly advanced wearable device called the HELO wristband.


Lito Ortiz, founder of HOMEX was impressed with the HELO’s ability to monitor a range of bodily functions including heart rate, breath rate, steps, and mood. The device could also perform an EKG and was equipped with features that would help people keep track of their loved ones.


He loved the product so much and when he found out that the HELO wasn’t being widely available in Los Angeles yet, he immediately knew that he wanted HOMEX to be the first company to sell the device.


The challenge: lack of funds

HOMEX didn’t have enough capital to order the devices, nor did it have the funds to hire people who can help the company market the HELO wristband. Lito initially turned to banks to obtain a loan or credit line, but the being a startup made it difficult to obtain funding.


The solution: a $25,000 credit line

So, Lito asked his contacts in the startup world for help. One of them referred him to Synergistics investments, and he got in touch with us right away.


“Dealing with Synergistic Investments was incredibly easy,” said Lito. “All I had to do submit my information, and someone got back to me the very next day.”


Lito then went through the approval process and within one business day, he got approved for a $25,000 credit line.


“The process was completely stress-free. And whenever I had questions, John at Synergistic Investments was there to address my concerns,” he added. “And I was pleasantly surprised with how fast they took care of everything.”

Outcome: the HELO launch was a smashing success

HOMEX used the funds to purchase inventory as well as to train distributors to market the HELO wristband. It took him less than a month to build his entire team, and they’re now a force to be reckoned with in the wearables market.


“I’m thrilled with what we’ve achieved so far, and have Synergistic Investments to thank for it. Not only did your company help me obtain the funds that I needed, you managed the entire process like a pro,” added Lito. “I will definitely use Synergistic Investments again.”


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