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Whether you have a startup or a seasoned business, we can get you unsecured business funding and loans. We have solutions for funding LLCs, corporations and DBAs.

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Real estate funding

Hard money lenders usually require at least 20% down payment & charge high interest rates + 3 or 4 points. Leverage your unsecured credit line to obtain 100% financing w/o any out of pocket expenses.

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What Our Clients Say

Having a business credit card allowed my company to grow and expand more quickly. Synergistic Investments helped me fund my LLC every step of the way. - L.V, Client

I was able to purchase investments properties without any out of money expenses! - A.A, Client

I used my business credit card to draw cash as down payment for my hard money lender therefore utilizing a TRUE 100% financing without having to share my profits. -A.L., Client